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On dresses and unspoken rules

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Sun, Jul. 8th 2012 | 08:40 pm
Location: a sauna in sahara

Pairing: Onho (Onew/Minjung)
Rating: NC-17

He slips two fingers inside her wet folds, pumping them in and out in a steadily increasing pace, urged on by her moans. He’s never seen her like this (obviously); black hair spread like a halo on the unfamiliar pillow (who’s room is this anyway?), her big eyes closed and her lips parted. Her dress is bunched up around her waist, pulled up and pushed down to expose her completely. Her bra is still on though, but it does little to cover up her breasts, her nipples hard from being exposed to the cool air in the room.

It’s hypnotizing, the way her head lolls from side to side; her teeth dragging over her bottom lip as she moans and clenches around his fingers. Her long legs are bent at the knee, directing his attention to what lies between them. She’s wet, her juices glistening on his fingers every time he pulls them out from within her.

“Oppa, I’m gonna—Oh god, I’m gonna—“ She never finishes her sentence and he speeds up the pace.

He’s used to seeing her on the field, running back and forth with a soccer ball, wearing a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt that stops mid thigh, not a skin tight dress that shows off all the curves he never knew she had (to be perfectly honest he’s never thought of her as a girl, just one of the guys – except she’s most definitively not a guy).

She’s not moaning anymore – she’s screaming (thank god the party downstairs is loud enough to drown it out). There is a thin film of perspiration covering her body (he realizes the back of his shirt is soaked with sweat as well) and there are strands of hair sticking to her temples and forehead. She comes with a high pitched “yes” and soaks the sheets (he hopes it’ll dry before the bed is going to be used for sleeping). He’s about to pull his hand away when her fingers circle his wrist and begs him not stop (right, multiple orgasms - he forgot girls can do that).

The last time he saw her in a dress was back in elementary school, when he was a sixth grader and she was in fourth. Her mother had forced her into a pale yellow summer dress with spaghetti straps and a floral print and she spent the whole day tugging and pulling at it with a frown on her face. There is an unspoken rule about not going after your best friends little sister (and he hopes Minseok will forgive him – if he ever finds out that is) but when said little sister shows up at a party more than half-drunk and wearing a dress for the first time in almost a decade (at least it’s been a decade since he saw her in a dress) that barely covers her ass rules don’t matter.

The second time Minjung comes she squirts all over his hand and wrists. Her legs press together and trap his hand in between them aftershocks course through her body. Her walls clench and unclench a few times around his fingers before her legs fall open, her whole body spent. She’s unable to move a finger, her (almost naked) chest rising and falling as she struggles to steady her breath. He hesitates for a moment because he doesn’t know what to do, but in the end he picks up her panties from the floor (pink, and they match her lace bra – he didn’t even know she knew how to spell the word bra) and slides them up her legs (shaven and smooth, he’d never paid attention to that detail either). He accidentally brushes against her wet core when he pulls them up over her butt and she whimpers quietly, too sensitive. He tugs the bottom of the dress back down and fixes the straps of her bra before pulling the tight fabric over her breasts, marveling at how soft they feel as his fingers brush against them.

Once he’s done he’s only left with the problem of what to do next. She’s fast and she’s strong and she doesn’t hesitate to swing a fist when someone crosses a line but he’s sure none of that will help when she’s fast asleep (or did she just pass out, he doesn’t know). He can’t just leave her but the blood leaving his dick is starting to reach his brain and he’s in so much trouble if her brother catches them together (the whole room reeks of sex and the sheets are still wet and he needs to wash his hands. he briefly wonders if that stain on his right thigh is from her).

He opts for a text message and takes his phone out, lying about finding her passed out before he hurries out the room and hides behind a large plant (he wants to make sure no one but her brother will find her). It takes Minseok less than eight minutes to come running up the stairs; he finds the right bedroom in two tries and carries her to his car over his shoulder and throws her into the back seat. She stirs slightly but doesn’t wake up and her brother has to buckle her in before he sits down in front of the wheel and backs out of the drive way (he knows because he sees it all from the bedroom window). 

Onew prays her brother won't find out.

A/N: Wrote this because Minjung is a squirter.

Why are there no fics about this?? This fandom is obsessed with porn but I've never read a fic where someone, anyone, squirts. And I should have focused more on bodily fluids and not everything else. I'll give it another try in the future.

I take no responsibility for this, I have a soar throat and a high fever. 

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(No subject)

from: squickz
date: Sun, Jul. 8th 2012 09:24 pm (UTC)

why would you do something about it? i like BOOM intros.

and yes, i was very much enjoying that bizarre spike of inspiration. sucks that i'm dry now. :[

here's hoping my lost inspiration will find you so you can give me more preggers!minho.

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minho's flower

(No subject)

from: minhosflower
date: Sun, Jul. 8th 2012 09:43 pm (UTC)

oh god the mpreg. don't remind me

i can't, even with all the inspiration in the world i can't come up with an ending. i hate the thing so much, it's terrible

why did i write it??

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